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The Challenge

This Year I Will

I was thinking the other day about how often we hear the phrase “I will try to.”

When you take notice, you start to hear it all around you.

  • “I will try to face my fears.”
  • “I will try to reach my goals.”
  • “I will try to be a better person.”
  • “I will try to work harder”
  • “I will try to find the time to visit you”
  • “I will try to get to work early”
  • “I will try to save money”

Have you ever thought about what happens to those statements when the words “try to” are removed?…….  It’s like a little miracle!!!

You’ll hear a whole new attitude in these sentences:

  • “I will face my fears”
  • “I will reach my goals”
  • “I will be a better person”
  • “I will come to visit you”
  • “I will get to work early”
  • “I will work harder”
  • “I will save money”

When we drop to little words from these sentences you can see and hear the power of each statement. Think about it! Think about how many times a day, a week, a year we say something so simple like I will “try to” as opposed to I will and just how much we take the way we say something like this for granted. Most of the time for most of our life we don’t even realise that with keeping the words “try to” in our I will statement we have just pointed ourself in the direction of failure. We have built in a subconscious parachute to allow ourselves to fail what ever it is that we said I will “try to” do; it is no wonder then that so many of us never achieve the things we wanted to in life, we are sabotaging ourself before we even start.

I Will

Upon realising this simple fact and how often I was doing the same thing I decided to work on turning things around. I started to study successful people from all walks of life and I started to notice a very common theme, they all had dropped “try to” from their I will statements. This was very true for the sports elite even during their training and preparation for a major event. I will “try to” was missing from their vocabulary, being replaced with more powerful positive language like “I will”  

Take The I Will Challenge

So I have started my I will challenge and work very hard on my mindset every day. I placed voice activated recording devices around my home and used the voice recorder on my phone when I left the house for a whole month just to see how much of my language that I used when referring to my life, my goals and dreams had built in parachutes which allowed me to fail… I was “BLOWN AWAY”..  


I honestly did not realise just how often I used those 2 little words “try to” on a daily basis. It was like an epiphany, I was like oh my now I understand why so many times in my life I had been unable to accomplish what I thought I would… BOOM..


So if you are blaming outside influences and life in general for you not being able to have the pictures you see in your head when you say I will “try to” I invite you to take up this Challenge…

Start randomly recording yourself when you don’t notice and play back the recording and really listen to how much negative language you are using. I invite you to write down your fears,  doubts, and those things you feel are holding you back in life and business. I want you to be totally honest and very brutal on yourself, I want you to think hard about all your New Year resolutions you made, how did you say them; did you say it out loud or did you write it down and did you say it and write it like we have down for a millennium.

Did you use those 2 words “try to” I know I did and I am happy to admit that to you. One of my New Year resolutions that I wrote down ( well actually all of them) started like this “I will try to lose 10 kilo by the 26th of November 2014″ The day being relevant to me as I will be 49 on that day.

I have since taking up this challenge, realised the reason I have not bothered to even start my New Year resolutions is because I wrote failure into them in the disguise of 2 little words “try to”, So what did I do about it I took the I Will Challenge and I started adding positive power to the messages I was sending to myself.

I took my original piece of paper with my try to affirmations on it,scrunched it up, put it in a metal dish and set it on fire and watched it burn completely the whole time sending the negative “try to” words up in smoke 🙂   yes feeling happy after that I sat down and wrote out my new list of the same resolutions but this time I wrote it down and spoke it out loud with out the failure words.


“I will lose 10 kilo by the 26th of November 2014” and guess what I will, I have already lost 1.5 kg in the first week of taking up the challenge… I feel good….

When you challenge yourself in this way you are not only crushing all of your fears that hold you back, you are encouraging yourself and everyone who notices the change in you to say “I WILL” instead of “I will try to. When you take away that failure parachute, you will be successful in all aspects of your life. Others will see this change and feel this positive powerful energy flowing from you and want to join you on your ride.

I challenge you to write “I WILL” somewhere boldly and prominently and then add to it what you are committing to for the following year. Come back to your “I WILL” statement often for motivation when fears threaten to derail your goals.

Make this year your “I will” year. Challenge yourself and stick with it for a full year and you will experience the “I will miracle” to…  read the full article click here