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No Excuses.. Is The Way To Your Success

Why aren’t you making the progress that you want to reaching your goals?

Is it because you are making excuses?

For a lot of people this is the reason that they  are not succeeding

Here is what our (the team at Downunder Marketing) mentor, Stuart Ross, has to say about excuses


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Why People Don’t Succeed Online

Have you ever wondered why so many people that start an online business or internet marketing fail?

Here is a video that will tell you why people don’t get what they want with their online businesses and end up quitting.

It will also tell you how this can be avoided in other words the antidote to prevent you failing with your online business.

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The Right To Be Rich

The Right To Be Rich


Yes you do have the right to be rich. Not just a right but a mandate from the universe to be rich. Not just financually but also mentally, socially and spiritually. In fact in all areas of your life
It doesn’t matter what you say about the vertues of being poor, The fact remains that you can’t develope to your full potentual, in mind body and soul without out the use of things and things cost money. If you have no money there is not much you can do to help yourself let alone others abundance
The object of all life is development, and everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development it is capable of attaining.
The person who owns all they want so they can live the life they are capable of living is rich, and no one who doesn’t Read More


The Right To Be Rich

Facebook and the New “Call to Action”

Facebook is an ever evolving social media player on the internet and in a bid to keep a hold of it’s market share has now released what is being labelled the greatest thing since sliced bread by some internet marketers out there.

So what is it and why is it creating such a buzz. Well put simply, you will now be able to ad a call to action button to your posts/status updates on Facebook and you will have a choice of a few. 

action buttons


What are Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons?

The appropriately named call-to-action buttons allow you to add the following CTA buttons to your ads,

  •  Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

Now as far as I am aware at publishing this post 13/02/2014 these Call to action buttons on posts are only available in the US but over the coming months should become available globally, but in saying this who can ever be sure of exactly what Facebook does from day to day :) .

So why is this exciting and why as a marketer should you be excited read more