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Your Future-Your Choice

What Your Future is depends on Your Choice you make!!

Your future is your choice and by saying this I am not talking about Life events that you have no control over e.g. like the passing of a loved one, the crash of the Stock Market, the state of the Global Economy. These are all life events that you personally have no control over and yes in most cases do shape and effect ‘Your Future” depending on “Your Choice” you make in how you deal with it.

Now the passing of a loved one you have no control over, it is the way you deal with your grief of loss that you do have control over. “Your Future-Your Choice” so you can allow the grief to overwhelm and consume every part of your being, which will render you powerless, give you depression and shut you down emotionally, so ‘Your Future’ no longer is visible to and that is “Your choice”. 

Or you can delve into your happy memories of times with your loved one who has passed and honour your loved one by letting go of the grief of loss and living your life of your dreams. You know the wonderful future you talked about with your loved one in happier times “Your Future” you dreamed of that would be of “Your Choice”.


Now this mindset is the same for all things in life that happen that you can’t control. You can choose to wallow in the event, slowly watching your future slip from your grasp or you can take the action you need to take to continue to fight for your future you always dreamed of having. Once again “Your Future-Your Choice”

There will always be life events out of your control and it is how you choose to react and the action you take next that will determine if you will be successful in having your future you always dreamed about from when you were a child. Yes I know it can be so very hard at times and I know that feeling of helplessness and the gut wrenching yearning you have to just throw your hands up in the air and give up but if you choose to do this then you have given up on “Your Future-Your Choice” and you will become an uncontrollable tumble-weed endlessly rolling across the dusty plains with no direction or end in sight…

Please don’t become that Tumble-weed don’t give up don’t do it you owe yourself so much more then that

Don’t Take the Easy Out Option

Now as children we learn at an exponential rate despite what all the so called experts think and this is where and when the problems start. As children we have huge wonderful imagination and we often dream of what our lives will be like when we grow up. Our visions of our future are huge and fun and full of laughter and happiness. Our little brains are soaking up all that is around us both on a conscious level and a sub-conscious level.

Little girl flying with an umbrella

We share our dreams with our friends, family and teachers and that’s when it starts. Each year as we grow older we are often given the perspective and opinions fro those around us that we look up to. The adults in our lives that we trust know and love. The unfortunate thing though and something as a child we are unaware of is we are sharing our future vision of ourselves with others who had similar dreams and aspirations when they were children and not all of these adults now have the life they thought they would.

Child on ladder touching the clouds So these adults who love and care for us, when hearing our dream of what our life will be like, unwittingly start feeding us negative bits of data because they don’t want to see us fall and they think just because they don’t have the future they dreamt they would then neither will we.  This happens as an adult as well when someone tries to break free of the restraints put on them and starts to move towards their dream their vision of a better future.

The moment you step out of mainstream and decide it is “Your Future-Your Choice” all those around you start trying to real you back into what they believe to be reality and tell you what your reality will look like, I say don’t buy into that way of thinking Your Future is Your Choice and if you are going to go after it you will need something inside yourself to keep you going. You will need to have a word a phrase a picture a song something that you can access when the times get tuff and you start to doubt your journey for a better life and a better future.

And don’t doubt for a minute there won’t be hard times because there will be without a doubt. there will be times so tuff you will just want to quit, and your loved ones will encourage you to do so. i am here to say to you do not quit, never ever quit on yourself and your dreams because at the end of the day it comes down to one tinny little phrase “Your Future-Your Choice”




So what do I say to myself – What is my kick in the Butt!!

Well today I am sharing with you what I do to keep myself focused and persistently working toward my dreams and if what I say to myself can help one of you out there to not give up then I will be the happiest person in the world. So I wrote an article about this just recently and rather then making this article longer then it already is I will share an excerpt and a link below so you may read the article at your own liesure

 “Suck it up Princess” is my kick in the Butt…

So I guess some of you are probably thinking why use “Suck it up Princess” as a topic for an article. Well mainly because it is a term/statement that I have grown up with and used as my children were growing up.

Now whether you feel this is a derogative term or an inspirational term will all depend on you your life and your mindset, for me it is my key phrase that motivates me to do what I need to do when I really don”t feel like doing it and am considering calling an old friend calledexcuses to get me out of it. 

So instead of going into a complex debating argument on the term and use of “Suck it up princess” I will share a moment from…….. read more

I truly hope you have gained some value from this article and if so I ask you to share it with a friend or a family member you feel it could add value and help in some way. Also leave a comment in the comments box on your thoughts on this subject and what it is you say or do to keep you on the path of “Your Future-Your Choice” when all those around you are trying to pull you back down…

inspirational picture depicting Your Future-Your Choice