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Daily Blogging Checklist

Daily Blogging Checklist

Today I came across a post about bloggers block which lead me to Pinterest and this pinned picture

Daily Blogging Checklist from Becca at Amuse Your Bouche it is printable


This Daily Blogging Checklist is printable just click on it and go to Becca’s site where you can print it off

Writing and posting a daily blog is only part of the picture

There is a lot more you need to do to get your blog seem. I am still learning this so I haven’t been doing it either. You need to remember you should consistently be doing four things:

  • promoting your latest  blog posts
  • promoting old blog posts (otherwise they’ll get lost and never be seen again!)
  • connecting with other bloggers and their blogs
  • sharing other bloggers’ content (what goes around comes around!)

Promoting you latest Post

You need to share your blog post on social media like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or any others you read more

Have a great day


Never Give Up

Never Give Up

I was listening to an audio today that told a story of Winston Churchill in his final year. I thought it was worth sharing
Sir Winston Churchill was call upon to address the graduating class of a very prestigious US military academy to give a speech on success and how to achieve it.

He approached the rostrum slowly, but deliberately. He was a very old man. There was not a sound coming from the audience. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop as they waited in anticipation. Sir Winston arrived at the microphone, laid his cane down, took off his top hat and place his cigar on a tray , which especially been provided for him. He adjusted his glasses and slow surveyed the audience. He then turn to the microphone and clear spoken these three words. “Never give up!”
There was a long silent pause, then Read More