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Protected: 30 Day Challenge Week 4

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  • Kim

    Thanks Sandra once again for the great info! it is greatly appreciated! HAPPY EASTER! Cheers, Kim

  • Wow! So much amazing information here, thank you! is such a great tool, I’ve managed to change a few things on my site and increased the speed which is great. There’s a few other things I’m going to look for help on as well. Thanks again Sandra and Robbie ! 🙂

    • Happy you are finding the value in these resources thus far Toni. Yes the feedthebot tool is a tool I relied heavily on to get my sites compliant to be advertising on the adwords platform. I like this tool because it gives you help sections on each issue with your website. Please remember though even some of the best websites do not get green ticks on everything lol I have even run one of Google’s blog sites through it hehehe and I have noticed that none so far have a green tick on things like
      “Amount of links guideline”
      “Dynamic links guideline”
      “If modified since guideline”
      “Paid links guideline”
      “Page speed guideline”

      So don’t get stressed and bogged down on it all just do what you can for now and the rest will come later as you grow in experience 🙂