About Sandra Lemming

My Picture Hello and welcome to a page about me. So I could ramble on all day and give you an insight to who I am and the life experiences I have had but at the end of the day I am no different to you and my experience whether it be good or bad will be no more important than yours.I would like to more convey to you my vision and what is my driving force.

A little over 2 year ago I took a look at my life and where I was heading. I realized I had no real clear path I was just rolling along like a big tumbleweed in what ever direction the wind was taking me. Now for most of my life this suited me just fine I was able to adapt to change and circumstance, step up to the plate and do what was necessary to have the basics in life. Roof over my head etc.

How ever this tumbleweed way of life had not provided me with a clear future for retirement and I started to picture myself still doing the same job (which at the time was driving cabs) as a little old lady stuck in a repetitive cycle. Drive the cab, sleep,drive,sleep and just barely keep a roof over my head. The thing that really scared me about this picture was cab drivers are generally outside work lonely creatures. We usually alienate family and friends because we don’t have the time for them generally skipping holidays weddings and social engagements.

So I made the decision to make some changes. I started these actions of change as scary as they are last year. I enrolled in college and achieved my Diploma of Business. Business Diploma

I enrolled, signed up my membership in an online education platform, this is one of the best I have ever come across.

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Through taking these steps I have now been able to realize my true vision and that is to help people. I have always helped people it is something I excel at and always have. I enjoy helping others reach their full potential in life, even more so than helping myself and so that is what my journey is all about and with mastering some new skills through some excellent training platforms like the SFM.

I can on a daily basis enjoy the sense of joy from helping others in their Journey which then in turn helps me grow into the person I have always known was inside of me.I just like to help others it is what I do best. You can follow my journey and see the many different things and ways I help by clicking on one of my links below.

Facebook Personal Page:  https://www.facebook.com/sandra.lemming.1
Facebook Business Page:  https://www.facebook.com/Onestopaloeshop
Personal Website: http://sandralemming.info
Business Store Site: http://onestopaloeshop.myflpbiz.com

My Blogs:

Business:  http://digitalbloggers.com/salflp/

health Wealth: http://salflp.com

Personal:  http://independantmarketing.blogspot.com.au/

Google Profile:   tidyurl.com/googleprofile

Feel free to connect with me on any of these links at any time I am always happy to chat and if I am unable to help you, I will always refer you to the links you need that can. The most important thing to know about me is I am not money motivated, if you put me in a room and showed me 2 cases on a table and told me the case on your left has a million dollars in it and the case on your right has a folder, with a plan on how to help a person in need with a few thousand dollars in it, I will always take the case with the plan to help in it as I have grown to truly understand and Know who i am with all my faults and money just doesn’t do it for me. I would much prefer to start small and build something I can be proud of.