About Us

Empowering Aussies and Kiwis

We are a bunch of like minded Kiwi and Aussie Entrepreneurs creating our own Digital Lives and would love to help, teach and mentor You. So you to can transition to the New Digital Economy and create your own on line presence


We are Empowering Aussies and Kiwis through Mentoring and Education, to create a Digital Life where they are in absolute control of their destiny


Downunder Marketing is a bunch of like minded Aussie’s and Kiwi’s who are here to help, Mentor and Teach other Aussie’s and Kiwis.  Just like you.
We’re here show how you can create your own digital life.
We can show you the right Tools, Training, Mentoring and Mindset that you need, in an easy to understand format, so you can create your own Online Business/presence.

We will also provide tips, tricks, and guidance to make the transition to the Digital Economy easier for you so you can learn from the mistakes that we have made.

If you would like help please reach out to anyone of us. We are here to help

You will find links to our sites below each post.