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Hi I'm a founding member of DownunderMarketing web-site/group My mission is to help other become digital entrepreneurs, internet marketers and build their own online presence/business If you need help reach up. We are here to help you check me out at

Daily Blogging Checklist

Daily Blogging Checklist

Today I came across a post about bloggers block which lead me to Pinterest and this pinned picture

Daily Blogging Checklist from Becca at Amuse Your Bouche it is printable


This Daily Blogging Checklist is printable just click on it and go to Becca’s site where you can print it off

Writing and posting a daily blog is only part of the picture

There is a lot more you need to do to get your blog seem. I am still learning this so I haven’t been doing it either. You need to remember you should consistently be doing four things:

  • promoting your latest  blog posts
  • promoting old blog posts (otherwise they’ll get lost and never be seen again!)
  • connecting with other bloggers and their blogs
  • sharing other bloggers’ content (what goes around comes around!)

Promoting you latest Post

You need to share your blog post on social media like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or any others you read more

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Never Give Up

Never Give Up

I was listening to an audio today that told a story of Winston Churchill in his final year. I thought it was worth sharing
Sir Winston Churchill was call upon to address the graduating class of a very prestigious US military academy to give a speech on success and how to achieve it.

He approached the rostrum slowly, but deliberately. He was a very old man. There was not a sound coming from the audience. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop as they waited in anticipation. Sir Winston arrived at the microphone, laid his cane down, took off his top hat and place his cigar on a tray , which especially been provided for him. He adjusted his glasses and slow surveyed the audience. He then turn to the microphone and clear spoken these three words. “Never give up!”
There was a long silent pause, then Read More

The Truth About Making Money Online

The Truth About Making Money Online

The Truth is that the vast majority of people don’t make much, if any money online

This is why you need to educate yourself on the truth about making money online and being an affiliate marketer. There’s a lot of rubbish out there and they tell you it’s very easy to make money online. That’s generally to get you to buy there product.

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The reality is that building an online business is like any business it’s going to take time and effort to build.

If you are going to be a plumber, Lawyer,
teacher or anything for that matter, you have to learn the skills required. That can take 3-4 years at university or in an apprenticeship and then you have only just started.  It is no different learning to be an online marketer or affiliate marketer

So why them do people think they can decide to start an online business and expect to be replacing their income in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Anyway Stuart Ross is running a webcast to explain all thiswebcast

In this webcast he will explain The Truth About Making Money Online and why so many fail online (there is a lot of crap and hype out there) and why. even, so many of his student have failed to make money online and what he did about it.

The webcast will go for about an hour and talks about the step by step training education platform and Digital Business system

Just a note there is a glitch in the system with the date  on the page. The countdown timer will tell you how long it is till the webcast.

If you want to join the webcast click the button to register by entering your name and email address on the next pageclick here

I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it

have a fabulous day

Robbie van’t Wout

From Corporate Life to Online Success

From Corporate Life (Financial Adviser) to parenthood to online success  as a work from home mum.

Marie Santos is an amazing woman, she is helpful, inspirational, successful and a leader well worth following.

Watch this video as Srinivas Pabbaraju interviews Net Savy Mama, Marie Santos. Listen as Marie tells her story of transitioning from the long hours of worker as a financial adviser to becoming a mum, then having to go back to work and hating it. Then discovering the the possibilities of the digital economy, quitting her job, and building online business to become an online success, even though she got scammed ($4000) with the first opportunity. She has done this in just 18 months.

She now lives life on her terms. She has the freedom to give her children all the time they need, the freedom to get up when she want, to work when she want. The freedom to take holidays when she wants.

Marie’s husband has seen what she has achieved and has now quit his job and works from home as well

Marie Santos


There is no reason that you can’t do the same and become an online success. You just have to choose to, believe that you can and take action to achieve it

Free free to leave a comment or ask questions. We will respond