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Planning To Fail

I Have Been Planning To Fail

Yes you read it right and it is correct. I have been planning to fail. You are probably thinking “That’s stupid! no one plans to fail” And you would be right thinking that.
Well I’m not actually planning to fail as such. Just like I haven’t been planning how I am going to succeed. The reasoning behind my statement “I have been planning to fail” is simple. I bet you have heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin “If you fail to plan. You plan to fail”If you fail to plan you plan to fail
So I have failed plan make a plan therefore I have been planning to fail.
And this is so true true
For several years now I have been work at building an online business. In that time I have bought a few different programs. I have learnt a lot, I have created web sites, written blogs, got on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, shot and posted videos on Youtube, done banner ads, solo ads, etc
What have I acheived? Everything that I planned to achieve! No plan! No results!
What about you?
Do you have a plan? How you are going to achieve what you want to achieve in life? If you have well done. That put you in the top 1-5% (or there abouts depending who you’re listening to) of the population.
If not you are like me and most people you don’t.
Hey it is not our intention to fail, it is just that we don’t……. Read more

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Winning Attitude

The Winning Attitude

You can choose to have a winning attitude or not

“Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Viktor FranklAttitude blog

Yes people can influence your attitude but it is up to you if they do or not.

There are lots of negitive situation that we come accross in life. If you give in to these situations, you will react and loose. On the other hand if remain objective, you will stop and think about it and respond. This is the winners choice.

There are two sides to every situation negitive and positive. This is one of the laws of the universe. The law of polarity. Everything has an opposite. hot – cold, up – down, inside -outside, negitive -positive etc

Some people have a tendance to be always negitive and these epople seem to always have bad luck and not often succeed, you may be one of then. The reason for this is a person is what they think about all day long. This is another law of the universe. The law of cause and effect(aka the law of attraction) What we think about we attract to us.

Because negitive people think about negitive things all day, they attract negitive results and bad luck. Where as positive people think about positive things and attract positive result and good luck.

It is possible to change from being a negitive person to becoming a positive one

Bad Attitude


Lets take your job as an example. You spend a good part of your life at work (while most people do) Some bosses are good some are not. Lets say your boss is grumpy, mean, and never appreciate the effort that you put into your job. Every time you encounter your boss he/she never ahs anything good to say. This can bring you down.


Here are a couple of thing for you to thinks about every time you encounter your boss:-

  • Remember this quote “I don’t care what you think or Read More


I was reading a book the other day “The Art of Money Getting” Golden Rules for Making Money by P T Barnum. It’s isn’t a very long book, only 29 pages.
I think by the language it must have been written early last century.
The book covered a lot of different thing you need to be aware of when it comes to making money. But the topic that I found interesting was Advertising your Business. So I thought I would share it with you. (I have added comments in red)


We all depend, more or less, upon the public for our support. We all trade with the public—lawyers, doctors, shoemakers, artists, blacksmiths, showmen, opera stagers, railroad presidents, and college professors. Those who deal with the public must be careful that their goods are valuable; that they are genuine, and will give satisfaction.
When you have a product or servise which you know is going to please your customers, and that when they have tried it, they will feel they have got their money’s worth, then let the world know that you have got it.
Make sure to advertise one way or another because it is evident that if anyone has has such a good produt or service sale, and nobody knows about it, it won’t sell.
In a country like this, where nearly everybody reads, and where newspapers are issued and circulated in editions of five thousand to two hundred thousand, it would be very unwise if this channel was not taken advantage of to reach the public in advertising. A newspaper goes into the family, and is read by wife and children, as well as the head of the home; newspaper_nicu_buculei_01hence hundreds and thousands of people may read your advertisement, while you are attending to your routine business. Many, perhaps, read it while you are asleep.
Yes I know that newspapers are in the decline but there are many other types of advertising now with the internet, TV, radio and magazines
The whole philosophy of life is, first “sow,” then “reap.” That is the way the farmer does it; he plants his potatoes and corn, and sows his grain, and then goes about something else, and the time comes when he reaps/harvests. But he never reaps first and sows afterwards.
This principle applies to all kinds of business, and to nothing more eminently than to advertising. If a person has a genuine product or service, there is no way in which he can reap more advantageously than by “sowing” to the public in this way. He must, of course, have a really good product or service, and one which will please his customers; anything spurious will not succeed permanently because the public is wiser than many imagine. Men and women are selfish, and we all prefer purchasing where we can get the most for our money and we try to find out where we can most surely do so. You may advertise a bogus or fake product, and induce many people to call and buy it once, but they will denounce you as a scammer and faud, and your business will gradually die out and leave you poor.
This is right. Few people can safely depend upon chance custom. You all need to have your customers return and purchase again.oie_png
A man said to me, “I have tried advertising and did not succeed; yet I have a good product.” I replied, “My friend, there may be exceptions to a general rule. But how do you advertise?” “I put it in a weekly newspaper three times, and paid a dollar and a half for it.” I replied: “Sir, advertising is like learning—‘a little is a dangerous thing!’”
I have heard people say something similar about banners ads, facebook adverising and ppc advertising. So it still applies today
A French writer says this about an ordinary advertisement each time it appears in the newspaper
1. Does not see it
2. Sees it , but does not read;
3. reads it;
4. looks at the price
5. Speaks of it to their partner
6. Ready to purchase, and
7. Purchases.

Your objective in advertising is to make the public understand what you have got to sell, and if you do not have the determination to keep advertising, until you have imparted that information, all the money you have spent is lost.
You are like the fellow who told the gentleman if he would give him ten cents it would save him a dollar. “How can I help you so much with so small a sum?” asked the gentleman in surprise. “I started out this morning (hiccuped the fellow) with the full determination to get drunk, and I have spent my only dollar to accomplish the object, and it has not quite done it. Ten cents worth more of whiskey would just do it, and in this manner I should save the dollar already expended.” So a man who advertises must keep it up until the public know who and what he is, and what his business is, or else the money invested in advertising is lost. This is so true and important I will repeat it.. So if you advertise, you must keep advertising until the public know who you are or what you have or else the money sent on the advertising was wasted. You need to build momentum with your advertising
Some people have a peculiar genius for writing a striking advertisement, one that will get the attention of the reader at first sight. This , of course, gives the advertiser a great advantage.
Sometimes a people makes themself popular by an unique sign or a curious display , recently I observed a swing sign extending over the sidewalk in front of a store, on which was the inscription in plain letters,
Of course I did, and so did everybody else, and I learned that the man had made all independence by first attracting the public to his business in that way and then using his customers well afterwards.Jenny Lind aka the Swediish Nightengale
Genin, the hatter, bought the first Jenny Lind (she was an opera singer in the 1800s) ticket at auction for two hundred and twenty-five dollars, because he knew it would be a good advertisement for him. “Who is the bidder?” said the auctioneer, as he knocked down that ticket at Castle Garden. “Genin, the hatter,” was the response.
Here were thousands of people from the Fifth avenue, and from distant cities in the highest stations in life. “Who is ‘Genin,’ the hatter?” they exclaimed. They had never heard of him before. The next morning the newspapers and telegraph had circulated the facts from Maine to Texas, and from five to ten millions people had read that the tickets sold at auction For Jenny Lind’s first concert amounted to about twenty thousand dollars, and that a single ticket was sold at two hundred and twenty-five dollars, to “Genin, the hatter.”
Men throughout the country involuntarily took off their hats to see if they had a “Genin” hat on their heads. At a town in Iowa it was found that in the crowd around the post office, there was one man who had a “Genin” hat, and he showed it in triumph, although it was worn out and not worth two cents. “Why,” one man exclaimed, “you have a real ‘Genin’ hat; what a lucky fellow you are.” Another man said, “Hang on to that hat, it will be a valuable heir-loom in your family.” Still another man in the crowd who seemed to envy the possessor of this good fortune, said, “Come, give us all a chance; put it up at auction!” He did so, and it was sold as a keepsake for nine dollars and fifty cents!
What was the consequence to Mr. Genin? He sold ten thousand extra hats per annum, the first six years. Nine-tenths of the purchasers bought off him, probably, out of curiosity, and many of them, finding that he gave them good value for money, became his regular customers. This novel advertisement first struck their attention, and then, as he made a good article, they came again.
Now I don’t say that everybody should advertise as Mr. Genin did. But I say if a man has got goods or services for sale, and he don’t advertise their in some way, the chances are he is not going to be in business for long. Nor do I say that everybody must advertise in a newspaper, or or other printed material. On the contrary, although a product or service maybe indispensable in the majority of cases, yet doctors and clergymen, and sometimes lawyers and some others, can more effectually reach the public in some other manner. But it is obvious, they must be known in some way, else how could they will not survive in business.
So if you want your business to be successful you must advertise in some way shape or form
I hope you enjoyed this article and learnt something from it


Advertising Your Business

Benefits Of Being Part Of A Mastermind Group

 Benefits Of Being Part Of A Mastermind Group

A mastermind What is it?

Interesting question as there is a lot of talk about mastermind and I think a lot of the time people don’t actually realize the true potential of one. So let dig a little deeper.

The term mastermind was made popular by Napoleon Hill in his book Think And Grow Rich. He defines a Mastermind as “The coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

But there is more to it than that. There deeper more powerful connection that happens than just the coming together of the two or more minds. It is like another third mind is created that is more powerful than just the combination of the minds in the group. As Napoleon Hill puts it “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”
I have also heard it said when you come together with a definite purpose or goal, that it is like connecting to the energy of the universe. Where anything is possible.


What are the benefits of being part of a Mastermind group

  1. Personal Growth. This is achieved in two ways. You learn from others in the group and the push you to achieve more. And although often you join for what you can get out of it. By sharing and contributing to the group you grow in confidence
  2. Support. Because you are all working together with the same purpose/goal you don’t get the negative attitudes that you find in a lot of environment and the group shares, brainstorms, bounces ideas off each other and supports you.
  3. Different Perspective. Because you come from difference back grounds you see thing differently. Also when you are working on something you some time miss things because it’s your baby. When you share it with other they can often see things differently and pick up on things you missed
  4. Encouragement. When you are building or running your own business, especially an online business. It can be lonely, overwhelming and stressful and you can feel down a dejected. When you share what you have been doing with the group they will appreciate what you have done a give you encouragement and constructive criticism
  5. Energy. We don’t always have good days, have no energy, and feel like giving up. But other in the group may have had a fabulous day and share their experience and that is often enough to lift your energy.

These. are just some of the benefits of being in a mastermind group. There are a lot more

For the complimentary video training series click here

How do you get involved in a mastermind group?
You could contact the local chamber of commerce to find them in your area or create one yourself.
I am part of a mastermind group and have experienced this. Our group meeting are done online (Google Hangout and Facebook group) and although we a meeting every week and communicate on Facebook, I have not met any of them in person
So if you are more isolate you could always start an online group like I have.

If you want to move ahead faster you really need to be part of a mastermind group