Be A Purple Cow

I was a training video about video marketing by Tom Breeze. He said we needed to be a purple cow in our market.

So being a man with a little bit of kiwi ingenuity. I decided to go looking for a purple cow. I knew I had never seen one in New Zealand and as I was in Holland at the time I thought they might have one there. I still didn’t like my changes of find a purple cow but there is no harm in trying is there?

So I became my search

What was he really talking about when he said we needed to be like a purple cow?

purple cow When you are driving in the country you can expect to black cows, white cows, red and white cow and of course black and white cows. But if you saw a purple cow you would say that is remarkable.

In video marketing and internet market you need to be that purple cow, be  remarkable, or else you are going to be just like everyone else. And then why would anyone buy your stuff as opposed to someone elses stuff?

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