Facebook Tutorial (adding tabs p2)

newsboy image                          So you want to add more tabs        

Okay so after my last tutorial I received a lot of feedback about adding tabs to your Facebook fan-pages. So I thought I would take a minute to address the major concern that was troubling most Facebook users.

Now adding a tab was simple enough and everyone was successful installing a tab on their Facebook fan-page, then came the excitement of wow I can really utilize these Facebook fan-page tabs to bring valuable content to my fans and engage them even more if I install some more tabs. 🙂

image of excited man at computer

Yes and rightly so you can put a lot of useful info in your Facebook fan-page tabs so it is right there for all your fans to find, and this is where most had an issue. When they went to install another tab using their static html they where confused and unable to find their page in the menu. This is fine because when I first went into this marketing technique on Facebook with my first page I was almost bamboozled…. 🙂

image of frustrated man

However I was not going to let that stop me so I researched and played around with these static html apps and my tabs until I was able to get it right. This is one of the biggest reasons I have decided to do these very basic step by step walk through tutorials on adding tabs to your Facebook fan-pages. I didn’t want others to get bogged down, frustrated and throw their hands up in despair and quit. So I am putting my knowledge in easy step by step tutorial videos in the hopes of saving you the time consuming, exasperation that I went through.

So here is the follow up tutorial to answer the question??? I have one tab on my Facebook fan-page,!! How do I add another one??

I truly hope this one helps clear up the issue and helps those who need it