From Corporate Life to Online Success

From Corporate Life (Financial Adviser) to parenthood to online success  as a work from home mum.

Marie Santos is an amazing woman, she is helpful, inspirational, successful and a leader well worth following.

Watch this video as Srinivas Pabbaraju interviews Net Savy Mama, Marie Santos. Listen as Marie tells her story of transitioning from the long hours of worker as a financial adviser to becoming a mum, then having to go back to work and hating it. Then discovering the the possibilities of the digital economy, quitting her job, and building online business to become an online success, even though she got scammed ($4000) with the first opportunity. She has done this in just 18 months.

She now lives life on her terms. She has the freedom to give her children all the time they need, the freedom to get up when she want, to work when she want. The freedom to take holidays when she wants.

Marie’s husband has seen what she has achieved and has now quit his job and works from home as well

Marie Santos


There is no reason that you can’t do the same and become an online success. You just have to choose to, believe that you can and take action to achieve it

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Planning To Fail

I Have Been Planning To Fail

Yes you read it right and it is correct. I have been planning to fail. You are probably thinking “That’s stupid! no one plans to fail” And you would be right thinking that.
Well I’m not actually planning to fail as such. Just like I haven’t been planning how I am going to succeed. The reasoning behind my statement “I have been planning to fail” is simple. I bet you have heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin “If you fail to plan. You plan to fail”If you fail to plan you plan to fail
So I have failed plan make a plan therefore I have been planning to fail.
And this is so true true
For several years now I have been work at building an online business. In that time I have bought a few different programs. I have learnt a lot, I have created web sites, written blogs, got on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, shot and posted videos on Youtube, done banner ads, solo ads, etc
What have I acheived? Everything that I planned to achieve! No plan! No results!
What about you?
Do you have a plan? How you are going to achieve what you want to achieve in life? If you have well done. That put you in the top 1-5% (or there abouts depending who you’re listening to) of the population.
If not you are like me and most people you don’t.
Hey it is not our intention to fail, it is just that we don’t……. Read more

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Beginners Guide to Hashtags

Before we get into the world of the the #hashtag and as a beginner how to use it. Lets first recognise the origin of the good old hashtag in the on-line world.

Now the first place on-line where the hashtag became popular was on Twitter and if you have used this social platform you would have seen the hashtag on many tweets and pages through-out Twitter.

So here is what Twitter has to say on Hashtags :

Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

The best practice for using Hashtag is still the one from Twitter which you can view by clicking on the image below

Hashtag on twitter






Twitters guide to hashtags what they are and how to use hashtags is still the clearest and easiest to follow for beginners. So start there for best practices on hashtags.

How to Start Using Hashtags

Okay if you are on the internet in a social capacity, you will probably have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or one of the many other platforms.

You may be asking why are hashtags relevant to me if I am not on Twitter ? Well that is a very good question and very valid. The use of hashtags has far exceeded their worth from Twitter and are now making their impact on many of the social networking platforms out, so knowing the basics will be advantages to you and enable your content a much larger audience then your profile may be connected to.

Hastags are now a tool used by many savvy on-line marketers and business. So how do you get started. That is very easy you simply add the # in front of 1 to 3 words in your post that are relevant to what you are posting.

You should do this across all your social networking platforms but keep in mind when it comes to the # more is not always best. less is actually the better choice.

So here are some examples on how to use hashtags to increase your on-line presence.

picture of a FB status using hashtags










In this status from my profiel you can see the 3 hashtags I have use are relevant to the post which is a funny video. By adding these hashtags I have now managed to get my post this post on the 3 pages using those hash tags with many others using the same hashtag. The thing to remember with FB is this will only work to it’s full potential if you have chosen to share your post as a public post .

Why is this relevant well for an internet marketer or some-one who has a business on-line this is very relevant and a good practice to get into. Even if your not in business and want to share something you feel everyone should see it is also relevant,

So how does it work… well now this status I have shared with the funny video is now seen by everyone connected to my page and is also displayed on 3 more pages within Facebook under the topic of 1. WackyWedensday 2. funnyvideo 3. entertaining because of the # in front of these 3 words.

Here is another example from Google+ of the exact same post..

Notice the 3 hashtags are very similar to the ones I used on Facebook for the same post. Relevant to the topic I am talking about. Relevant is very important and can mean the difference to you building a loyal following or simply pissing people of.

Now in saying it is not good practice for any business person large or small to take hastags and abuse them. This will only turn people off your brand. product or service. So what is not relevant. I will try to explain this bad practice for you as best as I can.

Now lets say your an internet marketer and you have an E-Book you want to sell. You get the link and picture of your E-Book ready and construct your posts for your social media profiles. Now lets say you think to yourself i am going to get this in the faces of people with sneaky hashtags. So your E-Book has a picture of a dog playing ball with it’s owner but the E-Book has nothing to do with playing ball with it’s owner, (that is your first mistake).

You post it with the #hashtags

  • #dogs
  • #animals
  • #dogplayinball

This is your second big mistake. How pissed off do you think all these viewers will be who love everything about dogs, animals and playing ball with your dog are going to be when they click on your post only to find out it takes them to an E-Book on how to build leads for your on-line business and has absolutely nothing to do with what they are interested in.

This Ladies and Gentlemen is very bad hashtag practices. ‘ DO NOT DO THIS’

Hashtags are a really great way to have your content viewed by groups of people who you wouldn’t normally be connected to and used correctly can really help you get your content out there and in front of people it is relevant to. Hashtags are now searchable and hashtagging your content can also help you in the search engine ranking stakes.

You don’t think I built my G+ plus page to this just by posting without hashtags alone do you?

picture of a google plus profile


Now yes I know what your saying this profile only has 180 followers, but look at my views there are over 60,000 on my profile page and I have had interaction and sales from this viewer-ship. So every time I post on my G+ page my posts have a reach of 60,00 plus and this only took me a few months to do using just well constructed posts and hashtags in the right way.

The good thing about using # on your other social media platforms outside of Twitter is you give others the opportunity to see your stuff and to like and comment without having to actual be your friend or attached to your profile. This then in turns helps you become recognised on the internet highway. It is free and easy to do and when practised in the right way a very valuable tool to use to help share valuable content on many platforms.

Video on hashtags uses








Here are some more resources that will help you use hashtags correctly.

“Chasing Birds”

“Chasing Birds”  are doing this in your Business 

Chasing birds in business you may ask ? puzzled as how chasing birds could have anything to do with your business.!! 

Well let me explain what I mean when I say are you Chasing Birds in your Business. 

I’m talking about distractions unnecessary distraction that take you away from the focal point of your business. these distractions can be many things and seem so important at the time, and happen quite frequently to people who are building a business on-line..

Some of these distractions you will have no control over and others you will. The distractions you do have control of are the ones I’m referencing when I am saying to “Are you Chasing Birds” in your Business..

Stop Chasing the Birds

So please stop “chasing the birds” if you are in business or trying to set up your business. the birds are the negative things you will encounter when going out on your own to start a venture that you feel will help you secure your future.

They are the ones that you have control over even though you think you don’t. There are the friends and family members who do not support you in what you are trying to accomplish because they are to afraid to do so themselves, these are what I call negative sceptics and they will always be harping at you giving you negative feedback in the hopes you will stop your foolishness and go back to doing what they perceive as normal..

There are also the strangers and random’s you will meet on-line that will follow you around like a starstruck obsessive fan continually leaving negative comments on all your sites…

Downunder Marketing negative sceptics

These are just birds and if you go chasing them all you are doing is distracting yourself from achieving and having the future you dream for yourself and your loved ones.. So right now just stop chasing birds and stay grounded and focussed on the tasks at hand.

Below is a short 2 minute video to help explain this chasing birds syndrome that we all suffer at some time in our lives.

If you would like to learn more on this and watch the full version of this story you can click on the image below..

Chasing birds Downunder Marketing


You have a dream for your future.. You have your plans and goals to achieve your dreams….Don’t let negative sceptics send you out chasing birds and distract you from your Future… Your Dreams… Your Plan to Get There