Planning To Fail

I Have Been Planning To Fail

Yes you read it right and it is correct. I have been planning to fail. You are probably thinking “That’s stupid! no one plans to fail” And you would be right thinking that.
Well I’m not actually planning to fail as such. Just like I haven’t been planning how I am going to succeed. The reasoning behind my statement “I have been planning to fail” is simple. I bet you have heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin “If you fail to plan. You plan to fail”If you fail to plan you plan to fail
So I have failed plan make a plan therefore I have been planning to fail.
And this is so true true
For several years now I have been work at building an online business. In that time I have bought a few different programs. I have learnt a lot, I have created web sites, written blogs, got on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, shot and posted videos on Youtube, done banner ads, solo ads, etc
What have I acheived? Everything that I planned to achieve! No plan! No results!
What about you?
Do you have a plan? How you are going to achieve what you want to achieve in life? If you have well done. That put you in the top 1-5% (or there abouts depending who you’re listening to) of the population.
If not you are like me and most people you don’t.
Hey it is not our intention to fail, it is just that we don’t……. Read more

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