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“Chasing Birds”

“Chasing Birds”  are doing this in your Business 

Chasing birds in business you may ask ? puzzled as how chasing birds could have anything to do with your business.!! 

Well let me explain what I mean when I say are you Chasing Birds in your Business. 

I’m talking about distractions unnecessary distraction that take you away from the focal point of your business. these distractions can be many things and seem so important at the time, and happen quite frequently to people who are building a business on-line..

Some of these distractions you will have no control over and others you will. The distractions you do have control of are the ones I’m referencing when I am saying to “Are you Chasing Birds” in your Business..

Stop Chasing the Birds

So please stop “chasing the birds” if you are in business or trying to set up your business. the birds are the negative things you will encounter when going out on your own to start a venture that you feel will help you secure your future.

They are the ones that you have control over even though you think you don’t. There are the friends and family members who do not support you in what you are trying to accomplish because they are to afraid to do so themselves, these are what I call negative sceptics and they will always be harping at you giving you negative feedback in the hopes you will stop your foolishness and go back to doing what they perceive as normal..

There are also the strangers and random’s you will meet on-line that will follow you around like a starstruck obsessive fan continually leaving negative comments on all your sites…

Downunder Marketing negative sceptics

These are just birds and if you go chasing them all you are doing is distracting yourself from achieving and having the future you dream for yourself and your loved ones.. So right now just stop chasing birds and stay grounded and focussed on the tasks at hand.

Below is a short 2 minute video to help explain this chasing birds syndrome that we all suffer at some time in our lives.

If you would like to learn more on this and watch the full version of this story you can click on the image below..

Chasing birds Downunder Marketing


You have a dream for your future.. You have your plans and goals to achieve your dreams….Don’t let negative sceptics send you out chasing birds and distract you from your Future… Your Dreams… Your Plan to Get There

So you want to go Into Business

 So you want to go into business on the Internet


Going into business any business wether it be a brick and mortar street side business that relies on shop front, street address,location, foot traffic and advertising or an online business that relies on Internet connection, websites, advertising, networking, traffic, lead generation and your time at the computer; you will need some training.

Starting an Internet business or considering the option can be overwhelming and even daunting as we turn to the one resource available, the Internet. So we type in a search on Google for make money online, work from home or Internet business and the first thing we notice is the extensive amount of information available and what first comes to mind for most people is where do I start and what is legate and what is crap. Good Question?


You have landed in the right place to gain assistance in your search and your ongoing commitment to success. I personally chose to start with a reputable training and education organisation called the Six Figure Mentors, and this was mainly due do their commitment to teaching you all the marketing skills and mindset you need to operate any online business of your choosing.They also provide ongoing weekly live webinar training, a full business community of like minded people and even taught me how to have different websites, how to use those sites and the importance of lead generation within my sites.

With a good quality education and teaching platform you should have access to any of these tools and feel like you are learning the steps you need to take to help you ensure your own success. When you feel like you are alone in business then it may be time to take a good hard look at yourself and the time and action steps you are implementing and look very hard at the Organization/company you are with.

The Six figure Mentors : the Buzz Round the Internet

Welcome to my quick chat on the Six Figure Mentors and the buzz we have created on the Internet.

I love being apart of the Six Figure Mentors and can honestly say this was the best opportunity I have ever taken up.Upon joining the Six Figure Mentors in November 2012 I was immediately welcomed into the community and my training began.

Learning is fun

I was so very impressed at how professional and willing to help me I was literally blown away. I couldn’t believe how excited I was and still am to be learning the most beneficial up to date business concepts available to the Digital world.

I was overwhelmed ( in a good way). So I got right into it and began to learn things I never dreamed I would ever know let alone understand.

Did you know that the Six Figure Mentors is an educational platform that helps you develop,grow and enhance your skills,mindset and personal development to enable you to do business on the Internet….read more here.

In Business

Thinking of starting an Internet Business? You’re on the right track. There’s a lot of thinking to be done before starting an Internet Business of your own.

Starting an Internet Business is one of those huge, life-altering events. Think of it as a marriage; running a successful Internet Business takes the same depth of commitment and desire. As in a marriage, you’re going to be living with your Business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Like any relationship, if you want your Internet Business to be successful, your going to have to work at it, and it’s going to have its ups and downs and surprises.

The first step to starting an Internet Business is to examine whether or not starting an Internet Business is right for you – not your neighbour, friend, coworker, or whoever else is trying to tell you that you should start your own business.

Top Cat

The main quality that you must have to start your own business is a burning desire to do it. Running an Internet Business isn’t for the ambivalent or indifferent. You have to really, really want to be your own boss, transform your dream into reality, or market your product or service. You have to have passion.

Look inside yourself and ask these three basic questions before starting a Internet Business of your own

  • Do you really want to operate independently and be the person making all the decisions and shouldering all the responsibility?
  • Are you willing to work hard and make the sacrifices starting any Business entails?
  • Do you have the self-confidence and self-discipline that will enable you to persevere and build your new enterprise into a success?

If you have answered “no” to any of these, you’re probably not ready to start any Business, so stick with your current job. Overnight success stories are just that stories. The reality is that success is won through hard work, time and the ability to take action and learn to appreciate failure because without it you will not have success and you want to start and run a successful business, don’t you????

If you answered all three of these basic questions positively, then you’re ready to think seriously about starting a Business. But not everyone thinking of starting an Internet Business is cut out to actually run a business. Are you enough of an entrepreneur? Continue on to the next page to see whether or not you have the right entrepreneurial qualities…..read more here

Richard Branson