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What Does It Take To Make Money Online?

What Does It Take To Make Money Online?

make-money.jpgYou want for a better life, (don’t we all) you are sick of your job, you are sick of the boss, you are sick of being stuck in traffic every day on your commute to and from work or you just want to make more money.
Yes I understand. I still work for a boss and some of the above still apply to me. Don’t leave yet I am very similar to you. I am just an ordinary guy that wants more from life, wants to be better and wants to help others achieve that as well.
There are many products out there on how to make money online. Just do a google search or look on facebook and you will see. And I have wasted a lot of money on some of them.
push-button-profits-300x276What I will say is if they are promising that you can make a lot of money quite quickly with little effort with very little investment on your part. It is too good to be true.

They just don’t exist.


Having an online business is not a lot different than an off line business. You are going to have to invest money and put in a lot of effort and time. That is a fact.
If you haven’t much experience online, even if you have, you are going to have to learn a whole list of new skills. Just like any new thing you take on. For example. If you decide that you want to be a builder. You can’t just go out a buy all the tools a builder uses and expect to start building house like all the other builders in town. You need to learn the skills = time 3-5 years.
Why would it be any different learning the skill for online marketing?
So what does it take to make money online?

1. A System, Program or course

There are a host programs out there that do work. Often the reason it don’t work is because of the person who bought it. They put some effort in and in six week they don’t see much result if any so they quit “Useless program” or they don’t put in much effort at all, or they saw another product that looked better so went for that.
So find a program, system or course that is proven to work (others have got the results to prove it) stick with it and ask yourself “how can I make it work for me?” then don’t Quit until you have.

2. Belief or Mindset

You may have an excellent system or program that you are following that has worked for others but you don’t believe in it. You’re not sure that it will for you or think I will try it and see if it will. Then it probably won’t work for you.


Mind set is a topic that we could take hours to cover. But in short. For a system to work YOU have to truly believe that it will work.

3. Take Action

You can have the system/program and the belief but if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. You need to be taking action and doing it consistently. Daily is good. A little every day will get you a long way. The more action, the quicker the results.

4. A Mentor or Mastermind Group

A mentor is someone who has been where you want to go and can help and guide you so you can get there quicker without making the same mistakes they made. And a mastermind group is a group of like minder people that share ideas, problem and solutions

So what does it take to make money online?

1. A system, program or course
2. Belief or Mindset
3. Taking Action
4. Mentor, Mastermind group or both

One system I have come across is The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) have a proven step by step training system that can teach you what you need to make money online, plus a lot of the tools to make it easier. They also have mentors and mastermind groups.
In fact I was talking to a Sandra (from our mastermind) last night, she has been learning with this program for the last twelve months and is charging herself out as a consultant to local business for $200 an hour from what she has learnt. Not bad for an ex taxi driver
You just need to have the belief and take the action

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So what does it take to make money online?