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From Corporate Life to Online Success

From Corporate Life (Financial Adviser) to parenthood to online success  as a work from home mum.

Marie Santos is an amazing woman, she is helpful, inspirational, successful and a leader well worth following.

Watch this video as Srinivas Pabbaraju interviews Net Savy Mama, Marie Santos. Listen as Marie tells her story of transitioning from the long hours of worker as a financial adviser to becoming a mum, then having to go back to work and hating it. Then discovering the the possibilities of the digital economy, quitting her job, and building online business to become an online success, even though she got scammed ($4000) with the first opportunity. She has done this in just 18 months.

She now lives life on her terms. She has the freedom to give her children all the time they need, the freedom to get up when she want, to work when she want. The freedom to take holidays when she wants.

Marie’s husband has seen what she has achieved and has now quit his job and works from home as well

Marie Santos


There is no reason that you can’t do the same and become an online success. You just have to choose to, believe that you can and take action to achieve it

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