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Apart from social media pages for business there is one other very important part of your internet chain that needs just as much care and attention as your social media pages. A businesses website is just as important as any social media page and requires the same care and attention. Why??? well because generally it is the business website that your followers, fans and potential customers are sent to from your social media sites if you have set the process up correctly.


websites2Your main website is generally where you close the sale and where the customer purchases whatever it is you may be offering Your main site is generally where your shopping cart/buy now  buttons are along with your about me, business mission statement and contact details are, not to mention your blog if that is the structure of your site.

Your business website is generally the one you will more then likely use when you do banner advertising, Google ad-words, lead generation, and in all your off-line advertising like brochures business cards posters road side signs etc

The Main Website. The Entry To Your Business

confusionI have noticed in this hype era of all things Facebook that many small business operators are being drawn in on the social media stampede and unfortunately not making that important connection between the Facebook fan-page and their main business website or your Authority site as I like to call. So in light of this and recently discovering from local small business in my area whom I do some Internet Marketing consulting for, that many small business owner operators have very little understanding of how all these things can be connected let alone all the other issues like SEO, site building, blogging, keywords and functionality of their Authority site, and are generally and very unfortunately left at the mercy of some very unscrupulous operators who want to charge them up to $15,000 to supply them with this internet presence.

Having Your Business On-line 

Having an on-line business doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and you do not need an IT degree to be able to be online. There are some very good free and conveniently priced tools that even the most non technical time poor business person can utilize on their own to have a very nice functioning website all linked up with quality social media pages.


So there is one very good free resource which is free and one that I use regularly myself all the time.Now one of the biggest search engines and most familiar is Google and most people are unaware that Google provide training services and information sites and resources for people in business to help them best utilize your business online from free analytics’s  to forums and instructional videos on YouTube.

Without further explanation I will share this video from Google themselves and encourage you to subscribe to their channel and follow the links in the description below the video’s and bookmark the sites and keep yourself up to date. If you follow the advice from Google you will have a healthy Authority site that starts to rank highly and no problems in the future.

Cheers have a great Day and feel free to leave a comments and reach out if you feel we can offer you more assistance 🙂

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  • A lot of great information here Sandra. You are right most small businesses have no idea about taking their business online.

  • Rae

    You are right Sandra. Some small business owners are yet to realise the full potential of combining social media with their business websites. In fact there seems to be a huge disconnect. They feel obligated to have a social media presence, but don’t understand why this should be connected to their website. Opportunities are lost and as you pointed out there are many around who will charge “princely” sums of money to help these business owners create websites and link social media pages when actually it can be done for very little and somethings for free. It just takes time and research.

    • Thank you Rae I feel it is important for us to be here to assist businesses already established as a brick and mortar outlet to best understand the sometimes over confused function of having an on-line presence. Often there are operators out there that are driven by over inflated prices when offering to help businesses gain an on-line presence, leaving a lot of small business people trying to do it on their own with limited and often incorrect info. Here at Downunder Marketing we are changing this process and offering valuable assistance to everyone.

  • Great read Sandra, I will have to bookmark this so i can reread and act on it when I get home from work. Great stuff, thanks.

    • Thanks for stopping by Jaymie I am happy you have found some value in this post. I always like to share tips that I have found help me in my on-line business so others can benefit from these free tools and resources as well. To your success and looking forward to continuing to help you grow

  • Love your work Sandra. I always learn something from you. I would have been completely lost if I hadn’t learned to use Facebook for my business and if I hadn’t learned about free and reasonably priced tools around. The SFM has been, by far, the best investment I have made – I have learned so much.

    • 🙂 Thanks Eileen I appreciate that lovely compliment. I am right there with you on the SFM being the best investment by far. I am also very grateful for the community culture of the SFM which allowed me to meet wonderful people like you and build quality friendships that I will treasure Forever.I really love your Parent Haven page on Facebook. You always share helpful and valuable content.