Protected: 30 Day Challenge – Week One

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  • Leah Thomas

    Looking forward to it.

  • Love it.

    • So glad your finding value in the training Laura 🙂

  • I have already watched and listened to two of the videos. The share buttons one and the ‘what to do after you publish your blog’. Thanks for this, I really got a lot out of these videos.

  • Hi Robbie & Sandra,

    Have just gone through your training videos. You have done a marvellous job. So logical and easy to follow. Congratulations and thank you.

    Just have to write my first blog now. Looking forward to it.

  • Hi Sandra. Ive had a really late one tonight finishing at 4.30am and have just watched two of the videos and writing down notes to each one. The first video I watched and took notes was, ‘Adding Share Buttons to Your Site’, and the other was, ‘How to Write a Blog’. So, so good. I learn’t a lot from these two videos thank you so much!!. and I have all the notes if I should get stuck. AWSOME!

  • Laura Simpson

    Thank you so much Robbie and Sandra, have spent the day going through each of the steps each video has explained the steps simply and super easy to follow.

    Now to getting writing my first blog and publish it on my website 😀

    • Thanks Laura happy to have helped and we look forward to your very first blog. The training here is in steps and when followed in order will make it very easy for you to publish an excellent first blog.

      The Training is also a good website check list for those who have been doing it for a while like me lol 🙂

  • Excellent support here and really easy steps to follow. Thanks guys

    • Thanks Wayne we are here to help everyone have a functional website and a successful business built on solid foundations. We look forward to adding value and will progress into more advance training slowly through out this challenge

  • Found my way here that’s a plus, all this information seems overwhelming BUT as per my modules will take it a step at a time then the overwhelm seems to disappear. Thanks for taking the time to teach us this stuff.

    • You’re Welcome Jose. Yes one step at a time and you’ll beat the overwhelm. If you have any problems we’re here to help. Just post them in the G+ community

  • I’m excited and a little nervous about this challenge! I’m at that point where I feel I need some direction so this is fantastic. Thank you Robbie and Sandra 🙂

    • Your welcome Toni. Yes being nervous does come when we step out of our comfort zone. You will be fine we will be here to help you along the way.

  • Thank you so much Robbie & Sandra…. can’t wait to get into things again!

    • Rachel welcome and it is great to see you starting to get your footing again. Looking forward to everyone’s great content 🙂

  • This is brilliant for going into even if you’ve been set up for awhile! I still found things of value, thank you.

    • Thanks Kathleen we will move into more advanced stuff as we travel through the challenge